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What laws are backing name change process in Nigeria

A name change refers to the process of adopting a different name from that which was originally given at birth. A pseudonym, on the other hand is informal and can be regarded as a name adopted to conceal a person’s identity. It does not always require legal sanction. Any individual adopting a new name is required by law to swear an affidavit in a court of law stating the reason for the namechange and make a publication in a national daily for the declaration of name change.

Organizations you need to notify about your name Change

Many organizations need to be informed of your name change for documentation purpose. These organizations include but not limited to

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Name Change: The Processes Involved

The process of namechange is listed below:

  1. Affidavit(i.e. swear on oath) with a notary public or in infront of Commissioner of Oath in a court of law.
  2. Publish your change of name in a widely circulated publication usually a newspaper.
  3. If you are doing change of name, you must specify a reason for the change of name. However, there must be legal evidence to back it up in case of marriage, divorce, death of spouse, etc.

These documents are required for your affidavit. After the affidavit and publication, it is however necessary to notify relevant agencies of your new name, while referring to your former name for documentation purpose.

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