We have a package for everyone!


  • Online Publication
  • Unverified Listing
  • Access to Namechange Resources
  • 3 month temporary Inclusion
  • Share your name change via socia media and Email
  • Name change Support

Online Inclusion Request

1, 000.00
  • For those who already published their name change in the newspaper
  • Online Publication/Listing
  • Verified Account Status
  • Access to customized resources
  • Publication is for life!
  • Share your name change via social media and Email
  • Post namechange Support

Full Service Name Change

12, 000.00
  • Complete Package for a new Name Change
  • Complementary Change of Name Certificate (Issued & Certified by recognized law firm.
  • Sworn Affidavit for Change of Name (Signed/Authorized by the High Courts or Notary Public)
  • Access to customized resources
  • Online Publication/Listing
  • Verified Listing Status
  • Premium Post Namechange Support
  • Free Delivery (within Lagos only)
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