Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to publicize my namechange?
The name is a legal identity. If for any reason it is changed, to maintain the same identity, all relevant authorities need to be aware of the name change. It is therefore legal to notify the public through mass media including print and electronic mass media.
How do I change my Name change Status to Verified
You can change your status to verified by paying the verification fee of ₦ 1, 000.00 only through your dashboard or pay directly to our bank account. Once your payment is confirmed, your name change details is instantly processed for verification in less than 6 hours.
How soon do I get my publication published
All premium users get all their documents (publication, affidavit, certificate, etc) in less than 7 days.
Which Documents do I need to verify my Name change?
The Documents required depends on your reason for changing name. For marital issues, we need marriage certificate or divorce judgements. For other reasons, your court affidavit is enough, you can order for premium package where we process all for you.
Is NameChangeNigeria genuine?
Yes, it is. we are online repository of all name change in Nigeria. We make your name change notice accessible and available to the public according to the law by simple online search.
How do I pay?
You can make payments directly online when you order the service. You will be redirected to a payment page. You can also pay directly or make electronic transfer into our account. Please, view details below.

Account Name: CONNEXUS VENTURES NUBAN Account Number 0019662627

Once you have made your payment, please return to our website and visit the Submit Payment Details page to enter the payment details. The corresponding action will be taken on your account within 24 hours of payment confirmation.
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