How It works

How NameChange Nigeria Works

Name Change Nigeria can support you in your change of name process in any of the two convenienent ways.

Offline Process

  1. Fill out registration and/or affidavit form at the Local Government Registry If applicable, provide the necessary proof documents of your change of name for visual verification by an agent.
  2. Make relevant applicable payment (N10,000 for FULL package service OR N1,000 only for getting a Verified account on our website, by providing all the necessary copies of your proof documents)
  3. Applicant collects a reference number generated by agent, which can be used to track your application.
  4. Applicant receives SMS/email notification, including log-in details.

Online Process

  1. Visit, Create an account by registering
  2. Provide your new/previous name details
  3. If applicable, fill the online form for name change affidavit.
  4. Make relevant payment at bank or via electronic transfer (GTBank - Connexus Ventures - 0019662627)
  5. Provide payment details on website here.
  6. Once payment is confirmed, documents are processed and sent to applicant within 7 working days.
  7. Name change details are activated and become live online. If paid, account is upgraded to "Verified" Status.
  8. Applicant receives SMS/email notification.


What our customers are saying
  • Customer Testimonails

    I still can't believe how quickly Name Change Nigeria got the job done in a few days. I didn't even need to stress myself. Will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.

    Nana Asher King Lekki, Lagos
  • Customer Testimonails

    So glad that I received all my documents in the US through DHL in very short time. Thanks. I will surely refer your service to friends and family

    Mr Ola Prince US
  • Customer Testimonails

    Name Change Nigeria is an innovation that I never did anticipate is in existence. I recommend it to the public with assurance that the stress of the process is completely off their neck whenever they seek to use the service

    Emil Obasola Sotire Agege, Lagos


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