Name Change FAQs

1. I want to change my name to my husband's name by notifying the public that am married. Please, how do I go about it?

If you're married, your marriage certificate can be used to obtain an affidavit (if required) and to carry out a notification, either by having a verified account published on our website, or paying a national daily newspaper to print such notification in their classified adverts section. If posted on the website, you will have a unique ID to use as reference to any relevant agency.

2. I want to do a change of name but your website has sign up issues. Please walk me through.

If you're having problems registering your details on our website, kindly send your full name and email address to We will create your account for you, send you a default password, and require that you log into your account to change your password and update the rest of your name change details. Failure to update your name change details within seven (7) days may result in de-registration of your account.

3. What is the estimate of the processing fee?

If you already have your change of name documents or you have processed your change of name at anytime, you may want to upload such information to our online registry for ease of access and reference. To do this, you need to register (free) on our portal, and then upgrade your account by providing scanned copies of your proof documents for verification. Verification, upgrade, and online publishing costs a total of N500.00 only.

If instead you would like to take advantage of our full package, we provide our clients with the following documents in line with our services:

1. Change of Name Certificate (Issued & Certified by one of our trusted law firms)

2. Sworn Affidavit for Change of Name (Signed/Authorized by the High Courts or Notary Public)

3. Newspaper classified advert (From a leading national daily newspaper)

4. Verified online name change account (As hosted on

** It takes just 7 days from date of payment to receiving all your documents. All documents are delivered free to the client’s given Lagos-based address; other locations attract delivery fees which are communicated to the client**

The service package above costs a total of N10,000.00 only, inclusive of all administrative fees.

4. Where and how do I make payment for the service?
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
Account Name: Connexus Ventures
Account Number: 0019662627
Once you have made your payment, please return to our website and visit the Submit Payment Details page to enter the payment details. The corresponding action will be taken on your account within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

5. Is it compulsory that one must go to his state of origin to process name change documents or swear affidavits?

No, it is not compulsory to go to your state of origin to process your change of name. The law mainly requires that, wherever you carry it out, you must have proof that you have made the information public knowledge. Our website is a one-stop repository and online registry for change of name for Nigeria.

6. If I change my name on your website is it the same as changing it in Nigeria? Do I get any form of document or some sort?

If you change your name by applying for our services, you will get a change of name certificate, sworn change of name affidavit, newspaper print classified advert, and verified account status on our website. With these, you would have fully fulfilled what is required by law to process your change of name in Nigeria.

7. How do I pay if I am currently not present in Nigeria?

You can still make electronic payment via transfer using our bank account details, or pay online after registering. If you have challenges with payment, you will need to contact us when ready to pay to provide you with the details for this type of payment.

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