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To the best of my knowledge, you cannot just go to a newspaper whether you are a man or woman and just declare that you want your name to be change.

If you want to change your name for reason of being married under the Native law & custom i.e. traditional marriage, church or mosque (Customary act) or marriage act (i.e. marriage in a registry) the steps below is what you need to follow: You need to do an affidavit (i.e. swear on oath) with a lawyer (Notary Public) or in front of a Commissioner for Oath in a Court before you then go to a newspaper for the purpose of widely circulating the notice of change of name.

However, If you have a marriage certificate you will need to present it otherwise your lawyer or Notary Public may do a "Deed Poll" for you i.e. your husband will also need to sign the document to confirm that he has given his permission for you to be bearing his name. Changing of name without a 'Mrs." simply involve an affidavit & newspaper publication (i.e. if you are a man or you are a 'Miss").

I do not know about marriage in mosques but marriage in churches demand that you get a notification from the Registry prior to the wedding and after the wedding you take the church marriage certificate to the Registry for proper registration of the marriage. For traditional marriages you can get is registered in the Local govt area office where the marriage took place. If you did a Court Marriage the certificate will be issued to you automatically.

You need the certificate to announce a change of name in the print media. You need a marriage certificate for the following:-

1. To get an International passport in your new name or endorse your old pp.

2. To change the name on your bank accts and other financial institutions

3. To change you name in your place of work or school

Those in the Legal profession should also help with this matter.

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