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These name change entries were obtained from national newspapers, as submitted by applicants. Please check the "Newspaper Classifieds" page (sub menu, Name Changes) for the full list, or go to Submit Name Change to include yours.

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Hundreds of new users... get started today with the online name change registry for Nigeria! Register Now! is for information purposes only. does its best to obtain accurate information from its users and members, through verification of submitted documents and other legal means. Accounts marked as ‘Verified’ have had at least the photocopies of their relevant documents viewed by our legal officers. We cannot guarantee full authenticity of claim, therefore, the site does not claim responsibility for the information displayed therein. All change of names posted on the Classified section of the site were obtained directly from either the newspaper publications themselves, or as submitted by users who were later assigned unique IDs. Additionally, the Site expressly disclaims any and all liability for third party links or resources on the Site and any claims of negligence arising from same.

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